How to Know Who Owns a Bank Account Number?


For those who lack this information, we assure you that it is possible to find out the owner of a bank account number, so when you need to carry out a process that requires this information, you can do it without wasting time :-). This of course, if you have the data to enter the website of the … READ MORE

How to know what my location is? my current location


Sometimes we ask ourselves questions like; who could not know where he lives? Identity, citizenship and nationalist sentiment are values ​​that are normally developed in the first years of life. It is at that moment when we think of those people who still do not identify their locality and it is when we observe situations such as change of… READ MORE

How to Make a Covenant with God? What you should know

pact with god for fame

God is the supreme being for any religion, in the case of Catholics, making a pact with God is a kind of commitment, in the Bible it is known as "chaining together", this referring to marriage or the earthly union of two beings . To make a pact with God it is necessary to have faith... READ MORE

Europe map

Europe map

Map of Europe Map of Europe Europe is one of the six continents on the planet, being the second smallest in terms of land area, only behind Oceania. With an area of ​​10 km498 and a population of 000 inhabitants, the European continent has 2 independent countries. Political map of Europe Russia is… READ MORE

How to Make an Instruction?


There are many types of instructions: short, long, for children, for employees, printed on paper, digital and many more! But they all have one thing in common and that is to educate the user or reader. The importance of the instructions lies in the fact that these are the ones that explain to us in a clear and simple way how to do some … READ MORE

linear expansion

linear expansion

Linear expansion is the increase in volume that occurs in only one dimension, in its length. It is an exclusive process of solid materials subjected to thermal heating. A simple example of thermal expansion can be seen on railway tracks. They are subjected to extremely high temperatures as the railcars pass and the… READ MORE

15 Best Alternatives to Kahoot


When it comes to the education of people in general, the way in which knowledge is imparted must be as dynamic, participatory and understandable as possible so that the knowledge fits better in our heads; This is where, in this digital age, virtual tools like Kahoot come into play, which … READ MORE

How to Make a Triptych by Hand? Design in A4

How-to-make-a-triptych-by-hand: Design step by step a triptych of the subject you want in A4

The concept of triptych comes from art, especially Flemish art during the XNUMXth and XNUMXth centuries, which consisted of a painting that was divided into panels, generally three different scenes of the same theme, which when closed revealed a fourth work; its name comes from the Greek triptychos (tri Y … READ MORE

How to Make a Hydraulic Arm? Guide


Hydraulics is an area of ​​physics that studies the mechanical properties of fluids, these properties will depend on the relationship between the mass and the force applied to the fluids, as well as their viscosity, allowing them to move heavy loads and in the case of hydraulic arms this technology … READ MORE

Latent heat: What it is, formula and exercises

Latent heat

Latent heat: What it is, formula and exercises. British chemist Joseph Black introduced the concept of latent heat between 1750 and 1762. It comes from the Latin latere ('beside'). Specific latent heat (L) is defined as the amount of thermal energy (heat, Q) that is absorbed or released when a body is subjected to a temperature... READ MORE

How to know if it is gold? home methods


Gold from the beginning was considered one of the most expensive minerals, that is why it is important to know the quality and how real our gold is, there are several ways to check it such as lemon, vinegar, among others, and here we will show you some of them. those shapes. How to Know if it is Gold with Paste of … READ MORE

Hydrostatics: density, pressure, thrust and formulas

Hydrostatics: density, pressure, thrust and formulas

Hydrostatics is an area of ​​physics that studies liquids at rest. This branch involves various concepts such as density, pressure, volume and buoyant force. Hydrostatics: Main Concepts Density Density determines the concentration of matter in a given volume. Regarding the density of the body and the fluids we have: If the density of the … READ MORE

How to Make an Accordion for the Exam? Expert level


Cheating on exams is as old as the art of studying and it may be that at some point in our lives we cannot learn the content of a subject no matter how hard we try or we have a lot of content to study and little time to memorize it and it comes to your mind asks how... READ MORE

How to make a report? Guide


Since the beginning of civilization, information has been essential, whether written, visual or contextual. Because communication has always been essential to be able to make the empire grow and be maintained for many more years without being involved in an abrupt fall. There are different ways to transmit information, for… READ MORE

15 Best Alternatives to Chatroulette


Chatroulette is a free portal that is very popular among its users because it allows you to meet new people mainly through video chats, although you can also do it with voice or text chat. One of its attractions is the number of people who connect daily to the website: more than 1,5 million, which… READ MORE

How to Make a Hickey? How to make a pacifier

Having a hickey anywhere on the body is indicative that we have spent a passionate night with our partner or rather, a reminder that we are loved and desired; however, it may be the case that we want to exhibit one of them to make a joke or fulfill some penance, so … READ MORE

Modern philosophy: characteristics, concepts and philosophers

Modern philosophy: characteristics, concepts and philosophers

Modern philosophy begins in the fifteenth century when the Modern Age begins. It remains until the eighteenth century with the arrival of the Contemporary Age. Based on experimentation, modern philosophy questions the values ​​related to human beings, as well as their relationship with nature. Rationalism and empiricism demonstrate this change. … READ MORE

How to make a crazy hat? In just 10 minutes


What's more fun than a hat? It is a versatile accessory, it can be a formal piece at one time and something fun and informal at another, that is why if we are going to show you how to make a crazy hat in just 10 minutes, with different materials, themes and shapes to please the most small and more... READ MORE

How to make a kite?

A kite

The kite, parrot or kite, is a traditional game in many Latin American countries, it is a fun game, and it can also be done as a craft at home, here we will teach you how to make a kite, with the help of parents and children. kids. Here we will explain in detail everything you need to know… READ MORE

How to Make a Plume? Original Designs


The plumes are an implement that is part of the cultures of ancient tribes, to be used in different religious ceremonies. Without a doubt, due to its brightness and colors, it is a decorative element that has attracted the attention of everyone. How to Make a Plume? Making a plume is not complicated, you just need… READ MORE

Sets of numbers: natural, integers, rational, irrational and real

Sets of numbers: natural, integers, rational, irrational and real

Sets of numbers: natural, integers, rational, irrational and real. Number categories show how some groups of numbers are different or similar to other groups of numbers. Some of these categories overlap and include subsets of each other because they share similar characteristics, while other categories are unique and non-overlapping. In this … READ MORE

How to Make a Schedule of Activities? Tutorial


The activity schedules are quite effective graphic resources to track the progress of an investigation or a project; The term comes from the Greek "chronos" which refers to time and "gram" which translates as written message. There are several types and the idea is that through the realization of … READ MORE

How to make a layout? Make a layout without errors


A layout is synonymous with design, plan, layout and refers to the distribution of different elements within a space; They are very common when carrying out projects to create structures such as buildings or different objects; One of its main characteristics is that they go beyond resignations, since you find them in 2D and 3D. … READ MORE

How to know the date of birth of a person?


There are many reasons why we can ask ourselves how to know the date of birth of a person? Either to surprise him on his birthday, because it is a requirement for a procedure or an investigation, among other causes. The truth is that this time I am going to give you ideas to discover… READ MORE

How to make a conclusion? Steps to follow


Within the writing, a conclusion is a text that is placed at the end of the writing with the purpose of exposing the most outstanding points of the object of study, at the same time, providing conclusive data to give closure to the idea pursued by the writing. The aspects that a conclusion must have is to contribute… READ MORE

Oxides: what they are, classification and examples.

Oxides: what they are, classification and examples

Oxides: They are binary compounds (consisting of two chemical elements), where oxygen atoms are bonded to other elements. An ionic oxide is formed by the bonding of oxygen with a metal, already in a molecular oxide, oxygen bonds to a non-metal. Some examples of oxides are: rust (iron oxide… READ MORE

Properties of matter exercises

Properties of matter exercises

Properties of matter exercises. The properties of matter are grouped into general and specific. The general properties are common to all materials, regardless of their constitution, such as mass, volume and indestructibility. Already the specific properties are unique characteristics of a given material and are classified as: physical, chemical, … READ MORE

How to Make a Family Tree? Guide

Family tree

Many people usually know some relatives, usually the closest ones but very few really know where their family or their bloodline comes from, that is why if you want to organize this important information, I will tell you how to make a tree genealogical. In the movies you can see various… READ MORE

How to know the age of a person?


Calculating the age of a person is not a complicated task at all, but if you are not very clear on how it is carried out, do not worry, in this section everything you need to know will be explained to you to understand how to know the age of a person? Many may ask the question... READ MORE

Molality or molal concentration

Molality or molal concentration

Molality (W) is a way of measuring the concentration of solute in solvent, that is, the number of moles of solute present in the solvent. Molality, also known as molal concentration or concentration in the amount of matter by mass, is used when solutions have varying temperatures. This is because your… READ MORE

How to Make a Cantoya Balloon? Step by Step


Cantoya balloons have a special symbolism for people and are generally released with wishes or messages to heaven, it is believed that their origin comes from Asian culture, although in Mexico they are called cantoya balloons in honor of Joaquín de la Cantolla and Rico, pioneer builder of hot air balloons. Their … READ MORE

Mitosis and meiosis: summary, differences and exercises

Mitosis and meiosis: summary, differences and exercises

mitosis and meiosis. Mitosis is the process of cell division that gives rise to two cells equal to the initial one, that is, with the same number of chromosomes. In meiosis, two cell divisions occur, forming four cells with half the genetic material of the parent cell. Both processes are part of our… READ MORE

How to make a tabloid? Step by Step


Tabloids are newspapers with a smaller format than traditional ones, initially used for sensational news, referring to celebrities, crimes, political issues, among others; In fact, this is the reason that its size is smaller, making it accessible in size, price, as well as being eye-catching and full of illustrations. If you're … READ MORE

How to make a wooden car?

Wooden cart

For children, having wooden carts has always been an adventure, they are synonymous with traditions and times of yore, nowadays it is not very common for children to play with them, however, they are still a good option for those who still have their inner child and want to build them from scratch. Either … READ MORE

How to Make a Badge or Credential in Word? Fast and easy

How to Make a Badge or Credential in Word - uncomomake

In any company or institution, the credentials or badges are part of the identification of the staff and with it the internal organization of the company. That is why, if you do not have this identification system, we will tell you how to make a badge or credential in Word and in other programs within the computer, as well as, … READ MORE

Newton's third law: Concept, examples and exercises

Newton's third law

Newton's Third Law, also called Action and Reaction, relates the interaction forces between two bodies. When an object A exerts a force on another object B, that other object B will exert a force of the same intensity, direction, and opposite direction on object A. Because the forces are applied to... READ MORE

How to make a big head? Crafts

a bighead

For all those who love crafts, we bring you several super simple ways to make a big head, since we know that there are many people who can feel motivated to make these beautiful figures that are ideal for popular festivities. We have in this article different modalities to carry out this task, such as a … READ MORE

simple and compound substances

simple and compound substances

Simple and compound substances. Simple substances are made up of a single chemical element; while when there are two or more elements in the composition, the substances are compounds. The study of chemical decomposition reactions was important in the development of chemistry, since it allowed the classification of substances. Simple substances and... READ MORE

How to Make a Call to the United States from Peru?

Making an international call can seem like a very cumbersome procedure, especially because we get scared with how long that phone number can look on the screen, however, in this article you will know in the easiest way possible How to make a call to the United States from Peru . In addition, you will know how to dial a foreign number from … READ MORE

How to make a file?

How to Make a File-unhowto

A file is a virtual or real information organization system, this information is ordered and classified according to a certain criterion, in order to preserve it and facilitate access to it when required. There are many ways to make files, if you need any, we will show you how to make a file… READ MORE

Normal force: formulas, calculation and exercises

Normal force: formulas, calculation and exercises

Normal force (Fno), also called "support force", is a type of contact force exerted by a body below a surface. As an example, we can think of a block resting on a table where both exert a supporting force on each other, perpendicular to the contact surfaces. Normal Force – What is… READ MORE

How to Make an Eva Rubber Hat?

Eva rubber hat

Making a hat at any time of the year can be a fun and very creative task, take advantage of the little ones in the house to share this new initiative with them, keep the little ones busy and create the best EVA rubber hats. Eva rubber is a super easy material to use, it sticks … READ MORE

How to make a Pinwheel? Instructions

How to Make a Pinwheel - uncomomake

A pinwheel is a decorative piece, made up of blades that move downwind and are widely used for gardens or as a special detail for a person. They are also called pinwheels, pinwheels, renglets or reguiletes, they are made from numerous materials and are usually of many colors. Next, you… READ MORE

How to know when the Transport Pass expires? All you need to know


The transport pass is a solution in terms of payments for the public transport service, for which, in the Spanish nation, it is normal for people to have a transport pass for periods of time, however, they can lose how much its validity is due to the long time to which they are scheduled, if this is … READ MORE

Quantity of movement: with solved exercises

amount of movement

Quantity of movement: with solved exercises. Once it starts moving, a body tends to keep moving. Newton's first law of mechanics says: If the body is moving, then, in the absence of external influences, it will continue to move in a straight line and uniformly until it is subjected to an external force. This trend … READ MORE

15 Best Wallapop Alternatives


Wallapop is here to stay, this app since 2013 has become one of the favorite sites for lovers of second-hand pieces, whether to buy or sell; using it is very simple and one of its most distinctive features is that you can locate the products by zones. Your system of… READ MORE

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